Business Event Venues

Meeting facilities in Stellenbosch vary from historic town centre hotels, concert halls and amphitheatres to modern winelands conference centres, art galleries as well as state-of-the-art venues.

The historic beauty of the town and scenic splendour of the winelands make our warm-hearted town a sought-after business and academic destination for conferences, teambuilding, workshops and other special meetings.

The Stellenbosch University, located just outside of the town centre, offers multiple meeting and conference venues and facilities, across the university campus.

VenueSize (m²)TheatreClassroomU-ShapedBoardroomBanqueting IndoorBanqueting OutdoorReception IndoorReception OutdoorWebsite
Adam Small13103301207095320
African Leisure Hotel Stellenbosch14
Ambassade by Ideas Cartel1010
Boschendal Olive Press120
Boschendal The Retreat72
Boschendal: Rhone Homestead401016
Cavalli Estate300400400
De Warenmarkt505020
Doornbosch Hall75 or 1007530127575
Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden60100100100
Endler Concert Hall
Erinvale Garden Outdoor
Erinvale: Birch20
Erinvale Golf Club: Camphor 1 & 2 And 2 & 340120150
Erinvale Golf Club :Camphor 1, 2 & 350160190
Erinvale Golf Club: Camphor 1,2,3 Individual2580
Erinvale Golf Club: Oak1030
Evergreen Manor & Spa121212
Hofmeyer Foyer4015202540
Hofmeyer Hall200404240180220150
Jan Mouton3003003008080
Lanzerac Hotel3282501356054190300200400
Neelsie Cinema121121121
Oude Werf12121212123010
Protea Hotel Dorpshuis – Spookhuis6048303048484848
Protea Hotel Technopark Magnifika 3803080
Protea Hotel – Omega room10040120
Protea Hotel – Techno Park40025090250
Protea Hotel Board Room10
Protea Hotel Magnifka Suit Ground floor15090250
Protea Hotel Magnifika 1803080
Protea Hotel Magnifika 2402440
Protea Hotel Magnifika 4250100250
Protea Hotel Magnifika 52040
Protea Hotel Magnifika Suit 1st floor75120300
Quoin Rock120300300
Rupert Museum Cafè20 – 2530
Rupert Museum Event Lawn
Stellenbosch Hotel18181214
Stellenbosch Manor81620
Stellenbosch Museum – Voorgelegen
Stellenbosch Museum Erfurthuis
Stellenbosch Town Hall
Stias Boardroom12
Stias Break Away301614
Stias Manor Library403016
Stias: Aud 148241250
Stias: Aud 1 & 215084150
Stias: Aud 275483080
The Huddle Room @ Eendracht Hotel1614148
The Silo and Shed6035303260806080
The Sustainable Institute150307010150502050
The Wine Glass14141414
Van der Sterr340340
Voortrekker Venue2020