Social Event Inspirations

Indoors or outdoors? Cultural or contemporary? Food and wine or a traditional celebration? Stellenbosch is a diverse, multi-cultural destination with a fascinating history that is reflected in the many exciting options we offer – the perfect inspiration and backdrop for your social event. Expect world-class cuisine, award-winning local wines and unique entertainment all served up with a dash of vibrant Stellenbosch spirit.

Whatever event you want to stage as part of you conference; a welcome event, gala dinner or group social get-together, we can make it happen.

Dining in the Winelands

Steeped in history and heritage, the wine estates of the Cape Winelands offer the perfect backdrop to host groups of different sizes. Events can be customized to suit the requirements of the group.

Cultural Evening

Enjoy the feast of a cultural evening, incorporating African rhythm, vibrant music, exotic foods and colourful entertainment.

Formal Gala Dinner

The town has a rich cosmopolitan history, offering a number of impressive historical venues in which to host more formal events, complete with dishes inspired by the Cape’s European ancestors.

Rainbow Nation Street Party

This memorable evening introduces guests to the fascinating diversity of Stellenbosch’s many communities. The event centres around our vibrant street culture, eateries and restaurants all offering a taste of Stellenbosch and paired with great examples of the best that the Stellenbosch Winelands has to offer. Seating is informal, either at wooden benches and tables or café-style chairs and tables. A carnival of colour and culture is created as troupes of traditional minstrels with painted faces and bright costumes entertain through joyous movement and music. The Rainbow Nation Street Party echoes the traditional New Year’s Eve activities that take place every year and provides an unforgettable way to celebrate the unique cultural diversity of Stellenbosch.